This site is intended to help consumers make an informed decision about buying the SizeGenetics penis extender.

SizeGenetics is a legitimate product that has helped thousands of men increase the size of their penis. However, consumers should be aware that the process can be somewhat lengthy and arduous. Is it worth it to add an inch or two to your penis? For some men, the answer is a definite yes. For others, the answer might be no.

Consumers should also be aware of exactly the kind of gains one should expect when using SizeGenetics. It is not a miracle device. I also make a strong effort to highlight the possibility of getting the SizeGenetics extender for free. This is not an insignificant point since penis extenders such as SizeGenetics are not cheap.

Hopefully, the reader will find the information he is looking for in this review and feel better informed about whether to buy the SizeGenetics extender or not.

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