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I know that penis extenders are not cheap. The SizeGenetics extender costs around $200. And that’s the “value” package!

But it is possible to get it for free! I explain exactly how to do this further down.

But why is SizeGenetics so expensive in the first place?

The reason is because it’s a fairly sophisticated piece of equipment. In fact, it’s been classified as a type one medical device. SizeGenetics isn’t mass-produced. You can’t buy it in Walmart.

SizeGenetics is the ONLY non-surgical way to enlarge your penis. Please do not buy so-called penis enlargement pills or creams—they are all scams.

And while penis pumps might be able to make your penis bigger, the results are temporary. For permanent results you must use a penis extender like SizeGenetics.

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Do Penis Extenders Really Work?

The fact is, there have been many clinical studies that prove the effectiveness of penis extenders.

According to Wikipedia, “A 2002 study that was published in the International Journal of Impotence Research effectively showed that penis extender devices can elongate the penis and increase penis length in correlation with how long the device is used.

Another study, conducted in 2009 at the University of Turin and published in the British Journal of Urology, concluded the same thing.”

Penis extenders really do work, but you need to wear the device as often as possible and for as long as possible. It usually takes a couple of months to begin to see real results.

The process is often compared to weight training. When you lift weights you’re essentially stretching the muscle.

This causes little tears in the muscle, which in turn causes the muscle cells to duplicate.

As the muscle heals it becomes bigger and able to hold more blood. The same thing happens with the penis when you use an extender.

It takes time and dedication, but when you’ve completed the program your penis should be about two to three inches bigger. (Check out these before and after photos).

You can see exactly how the SizeGenetics device works by watching the video below. (Skip ahead to the 2:20 mark if you want to save time).

Why is SizeGenetics the #1 Penis Extender?

Here are the SEVEN reasons why SizeGenetics is superior to any other penis extender:

1) STRENGTH: The SizeGenetics device offers up to 2,800 grams of tension. No other extender comes close to this kind of tension.

What this means is that you can get much better results. And you can get those results faster.

2) SAFETY: The SizeGenetics device is made with superior high-grade medical materials. That’s why it can safely offer so much tension.

Most other penis extenders are made in China and use cheap materials that can easily slip or break. Do NOT buy these extenders as they may damage your penis.

3) COMFORT: The SizeGenetics extender is the most comfortable to use. You’ll be able to wear it for more hours a day, which will get you better, faster results.

The SizeGenetics Advanced Comfort System offers 58 different ways to adjust the settings so you can always find the perfect fit.

And this comfort system has been improved even more. With the help of the global manufacturing corporation 3M, the makers of SizeGenetics recently developed specially-designed comfort plasters.


4) LEGITIMACY: SizeGenetics is made by a Danish-based company that has been established for almost two decades.

Tremendous research and testing by American and Danish doctors and scientists have gone into making SizeGenetics the most powerful and safest penis extender you can buy.

SizeGenetics has been classified as a type one medical device. This designation means that production must follow guidelines set down by the Food and Drug Administration.

Most other extenders are made in foreign countries where there is no such oversight.

5) THE GUARANTEE: SizeGenetics comes with an incredible 6-month money-back guarantee. This will give you plenty of time to try it out and see if you like it.

The fact is, using a penis extender demands a lot of time and patience. It’s not for every man.

That’s why a money-back guarantee is so important. The makers of SizeGenetics fully understand this and are scrupulous about honoring the guarantee.

After all, it doesn’t take too many complaints to damage the reputation of a company these days.

When you buy SizeGenetics you will either succeed in making your penis bigger, or you will get a full refund.

You will NOT waste your money.

6) GET SIZEGENETICS FOR FREE: This extraordinary offer is unique to SizeGenetics.

All you have to do is use the SizeGenetics extender and then send in a testimonial with successful before-and-after photos. The company will then return all of your money.

That’s it. Your penis will be bigger and you won’t have spent a dime!

Before-and-after photos are powerful testimonials that the company can use on their website. (You’ll get your money back whether they decide to use your photo or not).

But please be sure to take a “before” photo of your penis before you start using the device.

free device offer

7) FREE BONUSES: When you purchase Size Genetics you also get a lot of bonuses that can take your sex life to the next level.

The most valuable bonus is called Penishealth. This is a DVD that contains 34 well-known doctor-based exercises that will enhance your erections.

The DVD shows you exactly how to do each one. You also get instant online access to the PenisHealth member’s area.

PenisHealth costs $95 alone, but you get it for free when you buy SizeGenetics.

In addition to PenisHealth there are other DVDs and ebooks that show you how to excel at every aspect of lovemaking.

You’ll now have everything you need to become an experienced sexual master!

If you think I’m exaggerating, remember that sex is largely about technique and confidence. The SizeGenetics System gives you both.

SizeGenetics Ultimate

The History of SizeGenetics

In the 1990’s, a Danish doctor named Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, a specialist in general and plastic surgery, invented the SizeGenetics extender to help with the development and treatment of the penis after surgery.

Dr. Siana was impressed with the results and decided to see if the device could be used outside of surgery. He began clinical testing.

Amazingly, Dr. Siana found that the device could add inches to the penis without surgery. It could also straighten out penis curvatures.

Today, this groundbreaking device is used in thousands of clinics around the world and is accepted by most urologists and plastic surgeons as the most safe and effective non-surgical method for penis size enlargement.

Endorsed By More Doctors Than Any Other Extender

SizeGenetics has been used successfully by thousands of men, and has been endorsed by many doctors and media personalities.

The May 2008 issue of GQ Magazine contains an article about SizeGenetics. One of their feature writers decided to write an article called “Does SizeGenetics Work?”.

Although the writer admitted that he didn’t wear the device for the recommended amount of time, he reported that he was still able to extend his penis length by half an inch.

Journalist Tim Shaw, who works for England’s “Daily Mail” newspaper, also tested out the SizeGenetics extender. He decided to make before-and-after plaster casts of his penis to show whether improving his erection size was possible.

Amazingly, he was able to gain half an inch in only two weeks!

A Woman’s Perspective on Penis Size

Do women really think penis size isn’t important? Of course not.

Here’s an article offering a women’s perspective on penis size.

“The other day I told my boyfriend that he had a really big penis. I asked him if he knew he had a really big penis; I had a feeling he didn’t know this and I thought he should, because it’s really big.

It’s the biggest one I’ve come across, except for one on a man who was 6′ 7″. His was too big even for me.

woman looking at a banana

I am not insinuating that height has anything to do with big penises though. I’ve tried out all sorts of theories on how to tell how big a man’s penis is and none of them worked. I tried a correlation with foot size. I worked for a long time on big noses. But just one exception comes along, and it blows the whole thing.

Finally I resorted to dowsing with a pendulum. I set up a scale from one to ten, drawn on a half-circle. I dowsed a known entity and worked it out from there.

I was perfectly accurate until I met my boyfriend. I dowsed him as only a five, which is passable (a seven is desirable). The first time I slept with him I was really shocked because I was expecting a five and he is definitely off the scale.

Until I discovered that dowsing wasn’t any better than looking at noses, I thought it was a terrific idea: I would never have to be in the embarrassing and disappointing situation of being in bed with a guy I really like and then discovering that his penis is too small for me.

small penis

Before you decide that I’m a completely phallic-obsessive asshole, let me explain where I’m coming from.

I have a big vagina and it’s not that much fun to have sex with someone with a small penis. I love lovemaking and everything that goes with it, especially the energy, the orgasm part of it, but I have to admit: I need to have my itch scratched now and then, often if possible.

I had a lover who really turned me on. Just lying together and kissing blew our brains out. But I couldn’t feel anything when we had sex. He kept saying he couldn’t get any traction but I don’t think he figured it out. I didn’t tell him.

Back to my boyfriend: when I asked him about his big penis he said that all men have the same size penis. He read that in a medical book. I screamed with laughter. Wouldn’t you know it? The medical priests set their own minds at ease.

i need a big dick

I used to hang out with ex-convict, recovering-drug-addict types; they talked a lot about feeling inadequate because they thought their penises were too small. (The existence of penis extenders such as X4 Labs, Male Edge, and Phallosan Forte show how inadequate men can feel about the size of their penis).

So maybe the belief system depends on class. They also talked about their yearning for tiny vaginas so I guess they knew about differences in vagina sizes. But I talk to a lot of women about sex and never once has anyone mentioned this problem.

I think the normal people, those with big penises and little vaginas, never give it a thought. But it’s hell for the rest of us.

My boyfriend said he slept with one woman whose vagina felt like a ballroom he could waltz around in. Otherwise he thought they are all the same. He said a man could always rub his penis along the side of the vagina which is probably true but that wouldn’t solve the woman’s problem.

little penis

I remember being given the facts of life in fifth grade. I was stunned that they were doing this in school. I wouldn’t have asked a question for anything in the world.

But there was a boy, a tough, scary boy named Arthur, who asked the question: “What if it doesn’t fit?” The answer was, “It always fits.” This interchange is my isolated memory of the event; even then I knew the propaganda was suspect. I certainly saw Arthur in a different light though. Suddenly he looked harmless and innocent to me.

I just want to tell you, Arthur, that it often doesn’t fit if you are too big or too small, depending on your gender, and if it doesn’t what happens is you go on itching with something like a mosquito bite in the middle of your back until you find someone to scratch it. Hardness and love are other, sadder tales. But not today, dear.”

Attitudes Towards Sex and SizeGenetics

Are attitudes towards sex and sexual enhancement products such as SizeGenetics changing? Is the modern woman becoming more demanding in sexual matters than the passive creatures of past generations? The answer seems to be that, in certain circumstances, she is often the one who makes the first move.

A recent poll asked women over the age of 18: “If you feel like having sex with your partner, how often do you take the initiative?

Twenty percent said “never”, 34 percent said “sometimes”, 13 percent said “rarely”, 9 percent said “often” and 3 percent said “always”.

taking the initiative

With those figures in mind, and the recent National Marriage Guidance Council report that more and more men are asking for help with marital problems, it would be all too easy to assume that many men are being reduced to impotent, shivering specters of their former selves in the face of this sexual revolution.

But it is a revolution that needs careful examination. In the married women’s discussion groups organized by The Research Business, there was at first almost complete agreement that it was the man who took the initiative.

The MORI poll suggestion that more women might be taking the initiative in sexual matters also needs to be set alongside the continued readiness of many women to be “treated” by men on social occasions.

When Gallup asked: “Do you agree that when a man takes a woman out he should pay for them” 65 percent of the men agreed and 50 percent of the women.

Only 14 percent of the women believed that they should share the cost if they earned a similar amount to the man.

paying for dinner

But although the man may take the initiative when it comes to sexual activity, he will often assume that the woman has already taken the contraceptive initiative.

Despite the “men too” campaign by the British Pregnancy Advisory Service there is little evidence that men are prepared to reassume any part of the responsibility which the widespread reliance upon the oral contraceptive placed on women.

There was a slight decline in the popularity of the pill after 1976, but in recent years the number of users has remained relatively constant at 1.7 million (58 percent of those using any method of contraception).

The pill is favored by 16 percent, the cap by 7 percent, and the sheath, the only male-initiated contraceptive, by 10 percent. Women seem none too pleased with this situation.

The pill

The women in the discussion group were mostly hostile to abortion, as were those questioned by recent opinion polls. Although the annual number of abortions in England and Wales is now about 127,000, there was no sign in the Gallup poll that abortions had become taken for granted.

Only 29 percent of men and 20 percent of women questioned by Gallup approved of abortions when the child was unwanted.

The figure was lower for abortion on demand (15 percent both men and women). Even when the mother was “under age” there was only a minority approval for termination (40 percent).

The only headings under which abortion was favored by a clear majority were “mother’s health” (78 percent), “child handicapped” (67 percent) and “result of rape” (74 percent).

Whatever decision is made, the consequences are probably far more significant for the woman than the man.

woman worrying about sex

Indeed, the young women we spoke to, married and unmarried, were united by their sense that most matters concerning sex, were more a problem to them than to their male sex partners.

Neither did it seem that these concerns about sex could be shared. Even though sexual behavior might now be more “liberated”, conversation was still remarkably repressed.

Men would talk all night about sex itself but not about the practical problems surrounding it. And they certainly didn’t like talking about penis size and how that might affect their partner’s sexual pleasure.

It was only when the women were asked about their attitudes to male enhancement products that the conversational barrier between the sexes showed any sign of crumbling.

Gallup shows 57 percent of the 30 to 39 age group approving of sex before marriage; nearly 70 percent of the 16-year-olds say that they would have sex before marriage.

sex before marriage

And while half of the 30 to 39-year-olds believe that girls under 16 should get contraception without parental consent, among the girls themselves the figure is 67 percent.

A permissive attitude to early sex among young people does not mean that promiscuity is tolerated. The idea is still one sexual partner, and “sleeping around” is looked upon with favor only by a small number of young men.

This group must have their work cut out to find accessible women. They are also most likely to use male enhancement devices such as SizeGenetics in order enlarge their penis.

sizegenetics device

In the MORI poll, nearly 6 out of 10 of the women had never had sex with anyone but their present partner, 27 percent had had only one other partner, and 30 percent two others; 7 percent had 10 or more partners and 2 percent could not remember.

Even among those young males where the average can be higher, it is dangerous, as Michael Schofield has pointed out in the book “Promiscuity”, to equate this with licentiousness or an insatiable sexual demand:

“Sometimes it is the sexually unsuccessful who are promiscuous. Some are so inept that no one wants to have intercourse with them more than once; others profess to so little interest in sex that they only seek out a partner two or three times a year .. A few promiscuous people are very active, but most of them have less sex than the married couple who remain faithful to each other.”

One other indication of the complex nature of “sexual permissiveness” among the young is to be found in their attitudes to “blue” films, pornography, and penis extenders such as SizeGenetics and Male Edge.


Although many young men have seen such material and are often prepared to admit that they enjoyed the experience, young women objected most strongly to it. But their concern about pornography is not primarily about its intrinsic quality but about its capacity to become a substitute, not a stimulus or accompaniment to normal sex.

The strongest denunciation came from Marian: “I told him one night he was pathetic. He was living in a fantasy world. The only girls he really liked were twelve inches tall, completely silent, and had a staple through their navel.”

Such critical attitudes to promiscuity and pornography among young women do not suggest that the dramatic swing away from marriage among those under the age of 30 has much to do with sexual permissiveness.

Whatever men might want – and there is certainly a great deal of talk among them about sexual experimentation, blue films, and “sleeping around” – it looks as though they must be having some difficulty in finding women who share their tastes.

lonely man