Does SizeGenetics Work? (The Science Says…)

Does SizeGenetics work?

Well, there is quite a bit of scientific evidence showing that penis extenders are the only way to permanently enlarge the size of your penis.

Here is what SizeGenetics penis extender looks like.

size genetics

Pills and creams that promise to make your penis bigger are obvious scams. And pumps can only make you bigger for a very brief time.

You can have surgery to make your penis bigger, but that’s extremely invasive and risky. For most men, surgery is not really an option.

Scientific Evidence Supports SizeGenetics

British Journal of Urology

A few years ago, a prestigious medical journal called The British Journal of Urology did a study on penis extenders. You can read more about the study here.

Here are some excerpts from that study:

“Penile extenders are non-surgical devices that produce traction on the penis. It appears that such extenders can generate an effective and permanent increase in penile length, in both the erect and flaccid states.”

“Evidence suggests that penis extenders are the only non-surgical method of penile elongation that is truly effective.”

“It is our opinion that penis extenders should be suggested as the first-line treatment for men desiring to undergo a penis enlarging procedure.”

“To conclude, the evidence suggests that penis extenders are the most effective and least invasive method of penis enlargement. Such devices can be recommended to all patients regardless of penis size.”

More Doctor Endorsements Than Other Extenders

The SizeGenetics extender was invented by Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, MD, who is one of the world’s leading plastic and general surgeons.

He originally invented the device to help men recover from penis surgery, but soon discovered that it could actually increase length and girth on its own.

doctor approved

The SizeGenetics extender is now used in thousands of clinics all over the world and is endorsed by more doctors and medical professionals than any other extender.

For example, Dr. Finn Worm Knudsen MD, who is a specialist in plastic surgery and a member of ASAPS, the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (view his website here), says:

“As a plastic surgeon, I often come into contact with men who think their penis is too small. I always recommend using a penis extender instead of surgery. The only extender I confidently recommend is the SizeGenetics device. It is made from the highest-quality medical components and is the safest and most effective penis extender available today.”

sizegenetics doctor endorsements

What is SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics is a device that you attach to your penis.

One part is attached to the base of your penis and the other part to the head of your penis.

You set the device so that it gently pulls your penis. That’s it.

But you must wear the device for hours a day for a period of months.

SizeGenetics is designed so that you can wear it under your clothes and no one will know you have it on.

You can wear it at work, or while watching TV, or while going for a walk.

The gentle pulling gradually breaks down cells inside the penis. These cells then duplicate, enlarging the penis.

According to Wikipedia, “Traction as a penis-enlargement method stems from the observation that issues under continuous tension will undergo cellular multiplication. The result is tissue expansion, resulting in a permanent increase of the tissue.”

African tribes do this with their necks, lips, ears, and other parts of their body, including their penises.


These tribes obviously don’t use extenders to make their penises bigger.

They do something called “jelqing.”

This is using the hand to stroke and pull on the penis repeatedly.

Jelquing takes a very long time and a tremendous amount of effort to see any results using this method, but it eventually works.

An extender like SizeGenetics does all the “jelqing” work for you. You just put it on, set it, and forget about it.

It still takes time but you’re free to go about your daily life.

And when your penis is the size you desire, you don’t have to use the extender anymore. The results are permanent.

You use it for a period of months and that’s it.

To learn more about SizeGenetics, visit the official website.

Get SizeGenetics for Free!

Does SizeGenetic work? Yes, it should work for most men.

But if it doesn’t work, you can simply return it and get your money back.

The company that manufactures SizeGenetics is reputable and very scrupulous about honoring its money-back guarantee.

money back guarantee

They also offer a great deal where you can actually get the SizeGenetics penis extender for free.

You do have to buy it first, but what you do is this: take a “before-and-after” photo of your penis and send it to the manufacturer.

It’s possible they could use your photo as a testimonial on their website, but even if they don’t they will still return the amount of money you used to buy the device in the first place.

This is a nice deal considering how expensive extenders can be.

Does Penis Size Matter?

A lot of women say size doesn’t matter. But more of them would still prefer a larger penis over a smaller one.

Wouldn’t you if you were a woman? Have you ever seen a 4-inch dildo?

Aside from how it feels during intercourse, a bigger penis just looks sexier. It turns women on!


And men who use SizeGenetics to enlarge their penis report a huge boost in confidence. And confidence is extremely important when it comes to sex.

Men and women go to the gym to improve the look and health of their bodies. Why not work on making your penis look better?

Sexuality is a huge part of human existence. Anything you can do to make yourself more sexually confident and competent is well worth doing.

big dick

Some men who use SizeGenetics report seeing results after only a couple of months.

So even if you don’t wear it for as long as you’re supposed to, you could still gain a quarter of an inch, or maybe even half an inch.

Doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a lot when you’re talking about penis size.

But once men start seeing results, most of them don’t want to stop using SizeGenetics—they use it even more eagerly to see more results!

So don’t even think about buying any other kind of male enlargement product. Invest in SizeGenetics and do it right!

SizeGenetics Ultimate

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