Male Edge Review 2018 – Does It Work?


I have stopped recommending the Male Edge penis extender.

It’s not a bad product. But I was asked to review another penis extender and found it to be superior to the Male Edge device.

The penis extender I now recommend is called SizeGenetics.

It’s stronger, safer, and more comfortable than any other penis extender you can buy today.

SizeGenetics is no more expensive than Male Edge, so if I had to choose between the two I would definitely buy SizeGenetics.

Here’s what it looks like:

SizeGenetics Device

SizeGenetics is the original penis extender. It’s endorsed by more doctors and medical experts than any other extender.

Here are some reasons why:

Strength: SizeGenetics gives you over 2,800 grams of tension.

No other penis extender, including Male Edge, can do that. This means you can enlarge your penis quicker.

Safety: You don’t have to worry about SizeGenetics slipping or breaking, even under all that tension, because it’s manufactured with materials that are of medical-grade quality.

The FDA has even designated it as a Type One medical device. It’s the safest extender you can buy today.

fda approval

Comfort: SizeGenetics uses an Advanced Comfort System, which means that there are nearly 60 different settings you can try to get the best fit.

No other extender, including Male Edge, has that many settings.

Comfort is very important, because it means you can wear the extender for longer periods of time and get faster results.

Lack of comfort is the number one reason why men give up using a penis extender.

So you’ll have a much better shot at successfully enlarging your penis with SizeGenetics than with any other extender.

Another great thing about SizeGenetics is that you can get it for free.

Just take a before and after photo of your penis and send it to the manufacturer.

They might use it as a testimonial on their website, but even if they don’t you’ll still receive a full refund of the purchase price.

That’s a pretty great deal considering how much penis extenders cost.

And if you buy SizeGenetics but it doesn’t work out for you, no problem. Simply return it and get a full refund.

You have up to six whole months to try it out.

Please click on the banner to the left to visit the official SizeGenetics website.

Male Edge Review (Please See Update)

Men, stop listening to women who say penis size doesn’t matter. A woman will always prefer a bigger penis over a smaller penis.

If you were a woman, wouldn’t you?

Women figure that men can’t do anything about the size of their penis so why rock the boat?

But there is something that men can do to make their penis bigger. They can use a penis extender like Male Edge.

male edge

Does Male-Edge really work?

Look, I know that you’re probably pretty suspicious of any claims that a product can make your penis larger. And you should be.

Penis enlargement is one of the most scam-filled categories on the internet. And no amount of pills, creams, pumps, or whatever else is going to permanently enlarge your penis.

Surgery is the only other way to permanently enlarge your penis, but that’s pretty invasive and there are risks involved. Most men don’t want to go that route.

In this Male Edge review, we’ll see how a penis extender really can make your penis bigger.

bigger penis

First of all, how does Male Edge work?

It’s a device that you have to attach to your penis. You then apply tension to your penis, pulling it gently.

Here’s the hard part: you have to wear the Male Edge device for hours every day for months.

It’s not uncomfortable and men get used to it, but it’s a little more difficult and time consuming than taking a pill.

But Male Edge really does work.

Have you ever seen those African tribes with super long necks? They do that by gently pulling the neck over a long period of time.

It’s the same concept behind the Male Edge penis extender.

Male Edge extender

You don’t even have to go to Africa to see this process in action.

Nowadays, plenty of people put those discs in their earlobes. It’s called ear-stretching.

Using a penis extender is like stretching your ear, except it’s your penis.

Call it penis stretching if you want to.

There actually is another way to make your penis bigger, and it’s also something that ancient tribes used to do. It’s called jelqing.

This is basically spending hours a day pulling on your penis with your hand. Sort of stroking and pulling at the same time to be more accurate.

Again, this works but it takes a tremendous amount of time and energy. Those tribes didn’t have access to an advanced device like the Male-Edge penis extender.

Male Edge review

You can put the Male Edge device on in the morning, set it, and then forget about it for the rest of the day.

You can wear it to work, or when you go out in the evening, or when you take a walk. No one will know.

Then take the Male Edge extender off when you go to bed at night.

How complicated it that, really? Just get into a routine, then once you start to see results you’ll wear it more eagerly.

And you will see results. Up to 2-3 inches, which is a lot!

And Male Edge can add to your girth as well. Basically, the longer you wear Male Edge the better the results.

measuring penis

If using the Male Edge extender seems a little complicated to you, don’t worry.

You get a DVD with your purchase that shows you exactly how to use it. It comes in six different languages.

There’s also a user guide that tells you exactly how much traction you should be using and how to increase it as you go along.

You’ll know exactly how to use the Male Edge extender every step of the way.

You’ll also have access to an online forum where an entire community of people using Male Edge interact and share experiences and advice for penis enlargement.

Penis extenders are also great for men who suffer from Peyronie’s Disease. This is when a kind of plaque forms inside the penis.

peyronie disease

The plaque can cause the penis to bend or curve. Sex can sometimes be difficult and even painful for men who suffer from this problem.

Studies have shown that using a penis extender like Male Edge can help cure Peyronie’s Disease.

It essentially “loosens up” the plaque. This makes the penis straighter and also improves erection strength.

But even if you don’t suffer from a debilitating disease like Peyronie’s, the Male Edge extender can improve the quality of your life.

Men and women go to the gym to improve the look and health of their bodies and that’s perfectly acceptable. Why not use Male Edge to improve the look and health of your penis?

sexually confident

Many men who have used Male Edge report feeling much more confident about their sexuality.

Wouldn’t it be great to feel totally excited about how your penis looks and feels?

It’s within your power to do that just by using the Male Edge penis extender.

Sexuality is one of the greatest things about being human.

Why not do everything in your power to try achieve the full potential of your sexuality? Be healthy, eat right, and take very good care of your penis.

Enlarging your penis with the Male Edge extender is a 100% natural, healthy way to make your penis bigger permanently.

Once you’ve achieved a size that you’re happy with, you can stop using the Male Edge extender. And you don’t have to use it again for the rest of your life.

I think it’s worth a little sacrifice to achieve such an important goal, don’t you?

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