SizeGenetics Results (Explicit Before and After Photographs)

What kind of results can you expect from the SizeGenetics penis extender?

Check out these before and after photos below to find out.

SizeGenetics Results

The SizeGenetics penis extender is the #1 extender sold today.

It is the original extender, invented in the 1990’s by a Danish doctor.

Lots of scientific research and clinical studies have gone into development of the SizeGenetics extender.

It’s actually an FDA-registered type one medical device.


SizeGenetics is made with first-class materials and is by far the most comfortable extender you can wear.

Comfort is important, because you need to wear the device for hours every day, for months, to get the kind of results you see here.

This is a device that you attach to your penis—it better be comfortable!

Yes, it takes time and effort, but once you start to see results, you won’t mind.


It’s really amazing to actually have a bigger penis—and to know that you can make it even larger the longer you use SizeGenetics.

The good news is that it doesn’t take months to start seeing results.

An English journalist who tried SizeGenetics reported gaining half an inch in only two weeks!

Another reporter, writing an article in GQ Magazine, said he didn’t really use the device as often as recommended but was still able to gain a bit.

But if you use SizeGenetics as recommended, you can actually achieve the kind of before and after results you see here.

Before and After

Results such as these are attainable by any man!

And the results are permanent. You don’t have to wear the device forever—that would be difficult.

There really is no other way—short of surgery—to make your penis bigger permanently.

You can use a pump to make it larger for a very short period of time, but it’s not permanent.

And don’t ever believe claims that pills, exercises, or creams can enlarge your penis. Those are nothing but scams!


Some men wonder how it’s possible to wear a penis extender and go about their daily lives. Well, you can.

It can actually be worn under your pants while you work or even go for a walk and no one will ever know.

It might feel funny wearing an extender to work at first, but men report they get used to it once they realize that no one can know.

It just becomes part of their routine.

before and after

A lot of men report that using the SizeGenetics device also gives them harder erections.

This is because it allows more blood to flow throughout the penis.

An erection occurs when your penis is filled with blood, so the more blood the harder the erection.

Sex becomes much more pleasurable when you have a bigger, harder penis. That’s because there’s more friction.

More pleasure for you—and for your partner!

Hmmm, bigger penis, harder erection, and more pleasurable intercourse.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Does penis size matter to women? The answer is YES!

Plenty of women are disappointed by smaller penises. They just don’t satisfy the way a big penis does.

And a larger penis is just more attractive visually. Women get way more turned on by seeing a big dick.

Just hearing a woman say “oh what a nice big cock you have” can pretty much thrill any man.

i need a big dick

What impresses women? A lot of money? Yes, but earning that kind of money is hard work.

You know what else impresses women? A big penis!

It’s much easier to get a big penis using SizeGenetics than it is to make a lot of money.

And just like money gives men confidence, so does having a big penis. And women love confident men.

Start using SizeGenetics and before you know it you’ll be having lots of fantastic sex and feeling great about yourself!

And did you know that you can actually get the SizeGenetics device for free? It’s simple.

First buy SizeGenetics, then take a photo of your penis before you start using it—just like in these photos. Then take another photo when you’ve made some gains.

Then all you need to do is send this before and after photo to the makers of SizeGenetics. And they’ll send you a check for the purchase price of the device.

That’s exactly what happened with the men who took these photos. They ended up getting SizeGenetics for free—and they have a bigger penis as well.

Not a bad deal!

The makers of SizeGenetics know that these before and after photos are worth it. People want to see real results before they buy the product.

But even if you buy SizeGenetics and it doesn’t work for you, you can get your money back.

There’s a guaranteed money-back guarantee and the company is very conscientious about giving a customer’s money back if they’re not satisfied.


So if you buy SizeGenetics don’t forget to take a “before” shot of your penis.

Then if you do successfully enlarge your penis you simply take an “after” shot and send the before and after photo in. You’ll be refunded the full purchase price!

However, if you don’t successfully enlarge your penis you can just return the device and get your money back.

So there’s really nothing to lose!

When you buy SizeGenetics you get some pretty cool bonuses.

First, there’s a DVD showing you exactly how to use the device.

And there’s a DVD called PenisHealth. This contains dozens of amazing exercises you can do that will make your penis extremely hard when you get an erection, plus lots more.

If you buy PenisHealth alone it cost $95. But you get it for free when you order SizeGenetics.

There’s also a DVD called LoveCentria. This is filled with amazing tips and strategies for having mind-blowing sex.

It shows you how to give women multiple orgasms and have them screaming for more.

There are all kinds of great sex positions and secret techniques, and much more.

Buying the SizeGenetics package can totally change your sex life. Just wear the device, do the exercises, and follow the sex tips.

It really works! And remember, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

SizeGenetics Ultimate

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