X4 Labs Review 2018 – Don’t Buy X4 Labs Before You Read This!

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IMPORTANT UPDATE! I am no longer recommending the X4 Labs Extender.

There have been so many complaints about the X4 Labs extender and the company that sells them that I no can no longer recommend this product.

To view some of these complaints click here.

Fortunately, there is another penis extender that I recommend very highly—it’s called SizeGenetics, and it is considered to be the “Rolls Royce” of extenders.

SizeGenetics Device

Using an extender is the only non-surgical way to make your penis bigger permanently.

Don’t waste your money on pills, exercises, and creams that don’t work.

SizeGenetics is by far the best-selling penis extender, and is endorsed by more doctors than any other extender. Here’s why:


Strength: The SizeGenetics device offers more strength than the X4 Labs device—up to 2,800 grams of tension.

That’s more tension than any other penis extender.

More strength means you’ll see faster results.

Some men report seeing results in as little as two weeks!

Safety: Other devices, including X4 Labs, can’t offer as much tension because the materials they’re made of are weaker. The devices would slip or break.

This is not an issue with SizeGenetics because it’s made with medical-quality materials. It’s the safest device you can buy today.

fda approved seal

In fact, SizeGenetics has been designated as a Type One medical device by the FDA.

This means the manufacturers have had to follow a strict set of guidelines and rules in order to make their product.

Comfort: SizeGenetics is made with an Advanced Comfort System that offers over 58 different settings. You can easily find the setting that will work for you.


Comfort is important, because if you can wear the device for more hours per day you won’t have to wear it for as many days. You’ll get faster results.

Comfort is often the difference between successfully enlarging your penis, and giving up.

The chances of success are greater with SizeGenetics than with X4 Labs or any other extender. Click on the banner to the left to visit the official SizeGenetics website.

Get SizeGenetics for Free!

Because of its high quality, the SizeGenetics device is not cheap. But there is a simple way to get it for free!

Before using the device, take a “before” photo of your penis, then take an “after” photo when your penis has been made bigger by using the extender.

Send these photos in to be used as a testimonial and the company will refund the original purchase price. (See examples of before and after photos here.

If you are unsuccessful at enlarging your penis with SizeGenetics, don’t worry. There is a money-back guarantee.

The company has absolutely no complaints filed against them, so these offers are 100% legitimate.

X4 Labs Review (Please See Update)

There are two myths about the penis you’ve probably heard before.

Myth #1: Size Doesn’t Matter.

At first, most women will say penis size doesn’t matter, but give them a couple of glasses of wine and the truth comes out.

Heck yes it matters! A bigger penis is not only more appealing visually, but it stimulates more of a woman’s clitoris and vagina, leading to more pleasure.

I think most men realize that a bigger penis is better than a smaller one. Talk about no-brainers!

size does matter

Myth #2: You Can’t Make Your Penis Bigger.

This one is also baloney. While it’s true that creams and pills won’t enlarge your penis, you certainly can make your penis bigger with a penis extender.

This is a device that you attach to your penis, gently pulling it. Over time, the pulling will result in permanent gains in length for your penis.

It takes time and dedication, but this is no scam. You really can make your penis bigger with one of these devices.

One of the more popular penis extenders is called the X4 Labs Penis Extender.

You can wear the X4 Labs extender all the time—under your pants, while you work, watch TV, or even take a walk.

x4 labs

X4 Labs is made with high quality materials and should be comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time.

The makers of X4 Labs recommends that the device be worn for a minimum of six hours a day. By placing constant tension on your penis, the skins cells are forced to reproduce.

This isn’t a scam. Members of African tribes have successfully elongated their necks, lips, ears and other body parts using the same principles of constant tension on particular body parts.

stretching neck

It is recommended that X4 Labs users should take occasional breaks, however. This promotes healing and can encourage further cell reproduction.

X4 Labs Results

What kind of results can you expect from using the X4 Labs penis extender? Well, the longer you wear it the more results you see.

You can lengthen your penis from anywhere to 1 inch up to a whopping 3 inches! That’s pretty significant.

Not only will you lengthen your penis with the X4 Labs extender, but you can expect a 10% increase in width as well.

Width is just as important as length. Ask any woman.

You can also correct a curved penis with the X4 Labs device.

Some men have really curved penises. It’s much more attractive to have a straight one. Again, ask any woman about this.


The X4 Labs results are permanent. Once you’ve stretched your penis a couple of inches longer, it stays that length forever.

It’s not like you have to wear a penis extender forever. You just have to put in the time and be dedicated for 2 to 3 months, then you can enjoy a bigger penis for the rest of your life.

How Does the X4 Labs Extender Work?

It’s very simple to use the X4 Labs Extender.

First you attach it to your penis. It runs from the base of your penis, down the shaft, to the head.

Then you slowly tighten the device, so it starts pulling your penis.

It shouldn’t hurt or be uncomfortable. But there should be a bit of tension, otherwise it won’t work.

x4 labs review

There are basically two main parts to the X4 Labs extender.

First is the base ring and then there’s the front head piece. This front piece is made with memory foam, so it should be comfortable to wear.

These two parts are then connected by tension bars.

The X4 Labs also comes with special comfort straps.

The device should be comfortable enough to wear all the time. You should get used to it and not even notice it after a while.

It can be a bit annoying at first, but once you start to notice results you won’t mind it at all, believe me!

In fact, many men wear the X4 Labs extender for much longer than the recommended 2 to 3 months to get an even bigger penis.

woman impressed by big penis

X4 Labs Extender Testimonials

Here are some X4 Labs testimonials from real users:

“When I started using the X4 Labs extender I was five and a half inches long. After 450 hours I’m now at a whopping 7 inches! How’s that for a testimonial! –Big Al

“I decided to really go for it and bought the deluxe edition. After close to a year I’m a full inch bigger both in my flaccid and erect states. I still use the X4 Labs extender because I’m still getting bigger. –Robert

“I’ve been wearing the X4 Labs for close to 300 hours. I wear it for about 4 hours up to 8 hours a day. I’ve grown a definite half inch so far. I’m not complaining, and neither is my wife.” –Peter

orgasmic woman


Not only will the X4 Labs extender make your penis bigger, but there is also some evidence that it can help erection strength as well.

This is because the device can increase blood flow to the penis, which is what creates erections.

Some men report that their libido has increased as well as a result of using X4 Labs.

The company that make X4 Labs has been around for over a decade and is a reputable company. They offer an iron-clad money back guarantee if you don’t see significant results using their product.

There is also a lifetime warranty on the extender and any of its parts. So you never have to worry about breaking the X4 Labs extender.

lifetime warranty

There is no magic pill or cream you can use to enlarge your penis. But it really is possible to make your penis bigger using the X4 Labs extender.

It does involve patience though, and a bit of dedication.

Are you up to it? Wouldn’t it be great to measure up to other men?

It’s within your power to make that happen when you buy the X4 Labs penis extender.

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